3 Month Joseph Realborn

Hey Everyone!

This is Jessica, mommy of the real Joseph and Emmy Realborns. I just had to share this with you, I’ve been so excited to announce that there will be a 3 Month Joseph Realborn! We scanned him again at 3 months old, but he was closer in size to a 6 month baby, as he was extremely chubby at that age. He was around 20 lbs, quite a bit different than his newborn Realborn. :wink:

Marie Gambus posted his first 3 month prototype photos on Facebook earlier today! Check it out: Redirecting...

…and of course, I have to share this photo of real Joseph. Oh, how I miss those chunky rolls on my real Joseph! I am so happy that we were able to capture him at that age. I’m so happy to have a Realborn of him in his chunky stage too!




I can’t WAIT!!! :blue_heart: He’s been a big hit today on FB :blush:

Marie did a wonderful job as always.

So excited to get my hands on this little chub!


Can someone if they have a minute post a picture? I unfortunately do not have facebook.


Yeah ! what she said :smile:

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I am soooo excited!


Thank you! He is a must have. I had planned on getting Lavendar but I just might have to save my money a little longer and get this chubster. He’s precious.


I love him! Definitely a must have for me!

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Question to whomever may know does he have a full vinyl body? Or is this a tummy plate?

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He is so cute! What an exciting release his kit will be!

Oh Jessica, I am in LOVE!!! He is soooooo cute!! You know newborn Joseph is one of my favorites, right? I have painted him I don’t know how many times. He is also one of my keepers.

So if you see an order come through for like 10 of these kits all together, it is probably me. :grin:

Please tell me his release date is soon.


OH MY ! Thank you for posting this he is sooo adorable .

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I am such a sucker for chubs. I can see already that he would make a cute boy or girl. He will be so much fun to dress. So many clothing options at this size.


I am SOOOO excited about this! He is so precious! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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@Sophiasdolls 3 Month Joseph has full limbs and takes a cloth body, just like his newborn Realborn. That is a tummy plate you see in the photos.

@DollyPardon Aw, I’m so glad you love Joseph! 3 Month Joseph will likely be released in August, but it could be as soon as late July.


@bountifulbaby, is his body going to be #300 or a bigger one? I will be shopping for him before his kit is even released. :joy:


He look SO different from his newborn version, but just as adorable!!!


He is adorable!

Oh my squishy, chubby, wonderful cuteness!! Both the real baby and the kit!

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