3 Month Joseph Realborn

I love this baby! I am so excited to paint him.

Oh my goodness, he is absolutely precious!

Oh my goodness! He grew fast! I LOVE the newborn sleeping Jospeh and now I am excited to be looking forward to getting the chubby Joseph! WHEEE!

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Love him, He looks like a very big boy!

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Our preferred body for 3 Month Joseph is body #8828, as the US version is just a little chunkier than body #300, but body #300 will work too.


Oh I absolutely cannot wait!!!

Oh no another must have kit! He is simply gorgeous.

omgggg, I CANNOT wait to get my hands on this kit!!! I’ve always wanted a chunky baby kit and this will be it!!

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Im in love

Lol, my grandson grew like that but the only part that was chunky were his thighs! He is still a big boy at almost 18 months and in a size 3. Poor daughter feels like she missed out on the tiny baby stage. My son was a little chunkster too. Go breastfeeding! Healthy happy babies! I have a friend I met on here years ago that will love him. I will have to try to get in touch with her!

Oh my he is so adorable another I must have kits. By the way I am a kit hoarder lol so hard not to buy every single one then ones like these make it even harder

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This may be my favorite realborn so far. He is adorable.


love him can’t wait

I’m thinking I need this big boy to go along with his sister Emmy. I don’t make keepers but I think I need to now. :blush:



Rolls for days! :blue_heart: I keep coming back to this thread to have a peek. I have never in my days seen such a cute DOLL. I might just have to have a few of this kit.


My goodness what a sweetheart! I’ll need that kit for sure, I love bigger babies!

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Is there a special chubby tummy plate? What would you guys use if there isn’t?


Maybe they will produce one of those too for the chubby babies there are several it could work for most likely .

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I picked up a few outfits today. I’m hoping Carters 6 months fit. I picked up size 3 diapers too. Maybe those will fit as well. Did Marie note the sizes of anything?


@bountifulbaby Jessica ~ should we be buying size 3/6 or 6/9???

Will the tummy plate be available, too?

I mean…ahem…for those of us who like to shop early and be ready for our little chub! :blush: