Your oldest baby in your collection

Just wondering how they look few years down the track; does their hair stay in etc.
This is the 1st that I done, Katherine, she is not really reborn; big store bought baby that had hideously tiny feet and hands, which I replaced with reborn limbs, made a new body, and rooted her with my own hair. The vinyl was so hard that I did not dare to try to take the eyes out, strip and repaint her, and I broke so many needles on her … LOL But she looks as good as the day I made her although my granddaughter plays with her.
The limbs’ colour is quite a good match to the face, although in the flash they look bit too pale.

I ended up selling my first ones or giving them away later. The oldest one I have is Lucy done with my hubby’s hair. As to age, over 4 years? Done orginially with bloomers and bows air dry and touched up with luminaire a few years ago. Not so sure it was fading so much as not very well painted! I conditioned the hair a few times, very few, but other than that it has held up fine. As far as mohair, that one is the Juliet elf done a few years ago. No problems with her but she isn’t handled much because of the clay ears. A friend has several that are handled daily with no problems, both with mohair and human hair. I love that human hair doesn’t tangle as much even if it is coarser. Looking back at a photo of Jael (Lucy), I can see how much my rooting on the sides has improved!

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My parents still have the first doll I ever made. Unfortunately, he looks exactly the same way he did when I made him - very basic, with no mottling or significant detail whatsoever (although I am happy to say that the Rit dye did not bleed through and give him purple bruises). Since I inserted his hair in giant plugs, none of it has fallen out (and you probably wouldn’t notice if it did - 36 g 6 barb needles really get the job done! ) Luckily, I don’t have a picture, but he looks very similar in style to this (my second baby):

Ludmilla, I’m the oldest doll in my collection. LOL I’m just too new at reborning to have anything old but me. Oh, of course the hubby too.

My oldest is Libby and she was air dry paint and I knew so little. I think she still looks like she did. I used my hair and it is the same.

My first, and oldest is Jaden. I’ll keep her forever. After 4 years she still looks exactly the same.

Mine is a 15in full limb Carry Me Berengeur. I made her for my daughter 7 years ago using air dry paints, she still looks the same. DEE

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