Wowee wow wow! I cannot believe how fast i got (most of) my supplies! I ordered them friday afternoon and eaelier today, they were in my mailbox! Wow! And Clyde is tiny! Im so excited to root his little head! Im going to have to wait a little while though because the heat gun my dad and i shared is done for and i need to buy a new one. So maybe next month i can start painting this little one. For now ill just admire his little kit!


Awesome, I’m excited for you whoohoo!

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Just bake him in your oven at 265 degrees for 8 minutes until you can get a heat gun again. Just be sure to have adequate ventilation or a fan going or something. I baked in my oven for a year and just got a NuWave oven for dolls. The “fumes” never bothered me and I hardly ever smelled anything…but everyone is different.

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I dont really feel comfortable doing that, as im renting an apartment and dont want to make the next tennant sick (or me even sicker!) I guess i should technically switch to air dry but ive already got the genesis paints and its what im used to… i was so tempted to though (use my oven, that is) im just lucky that i was born with an unusual amount of patience (although i may be biting at the bit as the month goes by!) If i play my cards right (pack lunches and dinners to work) i could get the new heat gun in maybe 2.5 weeks…