Wow look at this new Rubert baby! … K:MEWAX:IT

I can officially say I LOVE IT! and I really want to get some tips from Melissa!!

Oh my goodness. I saw that yesterday and I totally love him. Is BB going to produce and sell that one?

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Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t that Nod? The one BB is expecting in like October or something like that? I think he’s a cutie!!

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Yes, its Nod.

I would think so since they have him on the home page and are taking names for when they get it in! Really cute! And expensive for BB, but then it does include the full torso in the price of 54.95. Sure is an easy to fall in love with kit.

Oh duh! Didn’t even see that. Thanks Joy.

I know what I want for my birthday next month!!! Boy or girl doesn’t matter, I just want one!! lol

I am excited about the new skills we will need to learn to do these new babies. Like how do we paint them? Obviously we will have to take them apart and then paint and bake them, but how do we reconstruct them? Then we will need to learn how to realistically weight them, and hwo to reconstruct them will be a biggy!!!
Yes, I think this will be a whole new step up for most of us. Can’t wait!

I’m wondering if we will have an option for choosing gender?

Awwww, he’s darling! She did a great job! : )

i wonder if this nod comes in kit form or already together. would anyone know . marlene

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i wonder if this nod comes in kit form or already together. would anyone know . marlene

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Already put together, similar to how the whole vinyl Berenguers are shipped. We wanted them done that way to ensure that they would actual work as a complete kit, without any last minute surprises.

Bountiful Baby

thank you for letting me know that, i for sure want one now. thank you bb


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I want one also. They are so lovely. Will they have more with full bodies like Nod???

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Possibly Blinkin? I really want to see Blinkin now!

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One!! Who said anything about one? I want two, one of each, SO so cute and just loving the possibilities with the full torso. SO many more costuming ideas!!

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Yes and I won’t have to fear sheer sleeves anymore!