Wow....great day

i was lucky enough to be able to spend the day with my nanny…went to her eye docter then took her to micheals where we met a fellow reborner from this forum…wow …it was so fun meeting reborning sister even tho we didn’t get to talk long …the great thing is she seemed super nice and she lives close enough we could have a baby day…

Yes! It was awesome meeting a reborner! Your reborn baby was beautiful! Sure fooled me! Lol
And yes let’s have a reborn baby day!

Hugs Evelyn

.I am jealous i do not live close enough to do this

Oh, that does sound like fun. I’m still working on getting a baby perfect enough in my eyes to carry around town. I tried to get my girls to just look at one of my babies today to see what they thought and it was like pulling teeth. I can’t imagine getting to have a baby day with a reborner. Going to have to convert someone to the dark side and make them paint!