Would there be an interest in mystery boxes?

I am redoing my doll area (actually moving rooms! yay!) and I have too many kits. I probably have about 20 I would like to get rid of (I think 3 are painted or partially painted, but the rest are brand new in bag). Would anyone be interested in mystery boxes with random kits? Some are LE, some are BB. The boxes would probably include 5 or so kits for around $300 shipped. Plus a bunch of clothes, heads, and bodies too. I would have to organize details but I just wanted to gauge if there is any interest in them. I just can’t keep up with listing everything individually and really need to destash. Some of the kits I know would go in the boxes are 7 month June awake and asleep, Noel by Olga Auer, heads, and a bunch of other realborns and LE kits. I can’t remember them all right now but I just want to see if there is any interest in them.


Oh and I have 3 month Joseph. I know he would be in one

I like the idea. I listed a mystery box open bid…crickets.

I think a lot of people don’t like the element of surprise when money is tight.


Hmm I get that. Maybe just list lots of them? Then people know which kits are included?


That would probably be better.

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I’ll be listing lots later tonight or tomorrow! So far I have 2 or 3 to list


Lots posted here:

Will be adding more