Working on Hannah - updated with finished pictures

My Hannah is all finished now! I like her a lot and she turned out much cuter than I thought she would. I have to post links now since this board limits photo sizes. These photos were taken with a flash and make her lashes look much more stark/darker than they are in person. … nnahZ6.jpg … nnahZ7.jpg … nnahZ5.jpg

She is VERY sweet! She’s gonna be a living doll when she’s all finished. They’re going to love her!

It is nice to hear someone doing what you are doing for the dimentia patients. I have a couple people that keep telling me I should contact some of the nursing homes. Maybe some day I will. Good job on Hannah. I’m half way through rooting her head and then she’ll be done.

Thanks Karen! I see you have her sister in your siggy!

My Hannah is all finished now! Updated in first post.