Wook at the widdle feetsies on this baby!

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi … 1025269889
LOVE those feet! Well, I mean, gosh – the whole BABY…but the FEET are sooooo CUTE!

That is perfection! I’ve done Caleb and he is soooooo tiny - how she ever got that baby to 3lbs is beyond me, but GOOD FOR HER! I HOPE SHE GETS WHATEVER SHE ASKS FOR THAT DOLL – he is beautiful.

LOTS of hair for a preemie, huh??? BUT…I love, love the skin tones on that little guy and I’m sure he’ll have a very happy new mom one day soon.

Hard to believe that is BB Caleb!!! She is SO talented.

She sure is!

Oh, man, I’d love to add this Caleb to my collection!

Wow, what a beautiful AA baby. I had to look very hard to see Caleb, but I finally did.