Why is Thomas awake cheaper then Thomas asleep

I was just looking an I really like Thomas but sleeping Thomas is more without the extras anyway. I don’t need anymore kits but I was just curious if any of you new if the awake kit was on sale?

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Thomas asleep is limited edition and Thomas awake is open edition.


I honestly don’t understand the logic of one being open and one being ltd. edition when they are awake/asleep… It’s cool the realborns are beginning to be open edition but like? In the middle of the same baby? Lol you know what I mean?


Yeah I see what your saying, that makes perfect sense! I got Thomas asleep when he came out and I think it was early July? Maybe a little before?


Thanks I was just curious why the price was different. I thought they said after Clyde they was gonna be open additions but what do I know lol Guess I better come up with some dolly money. lol

They must have seen your post! Thomas asleep has gone down to the same price as awake!

HMMMMM… I didn’t check to see if he is still limited edition. He would have to be, I guess, or a lot of reborn collectors and artists will be mad.

Edit: Yup, checked and it’s still total of 1575 produced.

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