Why is bb vinyl so pale?


I am not fond of the pale color either. I like a lot of color on my babies which makes it a ton of work on bb vinyl.


I prefer the paler vinyl, too. Will take the pale over dark peach and orange vinyl.


Unless it’s just my eyes, the Summer Rain kit I just ordered looks a little more pink than previous vinyl.


Ana is a little “warmer” blank also


I like the lighter vinyl because my neutralizing skills are non existent LOL


I am not fond of the new paler vinyl either. Especially for AA babies. It is taking forever to get to color. I already do a ton of layers with AA and this just makes more work. I rather liked the older vinyl and it was easy to neutralize with two washes.


Didn’t I read a little while ago that BB has changed up the vinyl color again?? Making it “warmer”? Personally I like the paler vinyl, much easier to build up a nice skin tone than trying to “neutralize” a Pink or Orange or Gray vinyl!!!


I wish they would just pick a color lol. I never know what I am going to get. When I teach classes I have to keep changing the tutorial with every kit lol


I thought they had changed something about their kits again!!! It takes twice as many coats of paint now. But it also seems like the paint is not adhering to the vinyl on the paler kits. I just can’t seem to get that nice pinky newborn look anymore!!!