Why is bb vinyl so pale?


Oh my gosh, I just can’t…next it’ll be white. Ok, gripe over. Thanks


Lol i know right.


I like the light vinyl.


I do, too.


Same here. I like it …


I like it too. It gives me a blank palette.


It does take a few round to start getting a nice color. But it makes getting a variety of skintones easier.


I like the pale color better.


I like it too - blank canvas.


I prefer the lighter vinyl too!


I prefer the light vinyl. It’s much easier to get a nice skin color. JMO


Since I pretty much go for the ‘undead’ look, I like it :slight_smile:


I also paint pictures and always start with stark white canvas, so this is what Im used to. I think anything else would throw me off… The colorful kits that I’ve gotten from other places scare me a little. :slight_smile:


I like the lighter vinyl for the same reason as the others. It can be more work (layers of paint) but my results have been good.


I like the lighter vinyl two :slight_smile:


Haha. Clearly I am in the minority here.


Easier to neutralize? Newer kits aren’t as pale as older ones.


I love the new ana vinyl. But not fond of the white white vinyl


I don’t care for it it, adds extra paint when it is almost white and more washes til you get what you are looking for. I think a little pink blush would be nice. My opinion.


Nope, i dont like it either