Who needs eyebrows... not my babies


Anyone else struggling really bad with eyebrows?? Omg! The struggle is real y’all! Nothing I do looks right.
What color do you guys use? Everything I use looks red. No matter if it’s GHP or Prisma.
I’m about to start a no eyebrow trend! Lol.


Yes the struggle is real! I shared a pic of one of my babies to my hubby he said “she looks so real! But you know what gives away that she is a doll? “ I quickly responded “her eyebrows…” he said yep the eyebrows. Argh grrrrrr no matter how har I try they get the best of me every time lol!


I know what you are talking about since I’ve been there. And I see a few people who are selling on reborns babies without eyebrows. However one of the artist who is on this forum told me that one of her doll was returned for ‘fixing’ when she forgot to paint eyebrows on it. So, I feel that if it for you, you can do or not to do whatever you want with that baby, but if your goal to learn and sell in the future than we all better to learn and master it! :wink:
My current problem is not a shape or color, but to place them so they would look at least similar. :crazy_face:
Try to add a little of black paint to tone redness down.
Brow Brown color should not be red. And can be lighter or darker depending on concentration.


That was so me. :wink: LOL
I took pics and listed her, posted her here etc. She sold, I sent her. Next day I was doing eyebrows on my WIP and couldnt remember doing any on the last baby… so checked all my pics and Nope… no brows… so I had to message the buyer and let her know I forgot them. She paid to ship her back to me for me to add them. Then I shipped it again to her. :confused:
In my defense she has prominent brow bones and it was hard to tell :wink: lol


Oh no, I was bugged enough when I just posted pics of my micro preemie and someone asked if I chose not to put eyebrows on her. I plum forgot lol. I bet you were frustrated! Bet we won’t make that mistake again lol.


I use raw sienna for brows. No red to it. Always happy with that color, even if I am never happy with shape.


Yep. I was all proud of my first baby. Started showing her around and everyone clowned her eyebrows. LOL! My daughter said she looked like one of the characters on Lazy Town. I have no idea what she was talking about, but I assumed it wasn’t good. Lol.

@YelenaRey I will definitely have to learn for sure. I just don’t find they look natural no matter what I do. I’m also one of those girls who doesn’t put anything in her own eyebrows either because I feel I look like a clown lol. I just wish I didn’t have to do brows. I can say they are there but translucent. LOL.

@Peachtree Thank you!!! I will definitely try Raw Sienna!


Was she talking about Robbie Rotten @Tessa? Lol
And I agree… The struggle is real. I have a few babies pretty much done, just need brows lol. I just don’t really want to do them :weary:


Haha! I just googled him and yes, that’s who she was referring to.
I have 3 babies whom are browless. I got so aggravated I had to step away from them. Lol.


I posted this on another forum but thought it might be food for thought here as well.
I made a cut out from a flat wedge in a similar pattern and dipped one side in the paint and at the very least got an eyebrow outline. With this stamp you will get the same shape brows for R and L

Amazing Eyebrow Stamp

It’s called an eyebrow stamp and is bendable into the shape you require. Of course it’s for women but I had this thought that something like that would work for us. :thinking::thinking::thinking: Maybe used like a cosmetic wedge with a 1st light layer of paint to give a general outline.
You can then add some ‘hair’ strokes for added realism.
I saw this on… (Australia)


Hmmm, that’s a pretty good idea. It’s kinda funny too. An eyebrow stamp. Lol.


Maybe do the eyebrows last and cover them with air dry varnish so you don’t have to bake them?

I hate eyebrows and typically leave them until the end, I’ve nearly forgotten a few times.


Before I paint them I do three dots with a prisma pencil. One at the beginning, one at the end and one in the middle. Then I connect the dots. Then I learned from someone in this forum to look it the baby in a mirror and also take a picture of the baby with your cell phone. For some reason it really helps seeing if they are even from a different perspective.


@Tessa Nobody’s perfect. Love your baby for what she is to you and ignore others. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Ok, these are the best brows I could do. They aren’t perfect, but I can live with them. What do y’all think?
@YelenaRey I used brow brown and black. Do you see what I mean by reddish in color? It’s so weird.


They don’t look redish to me in the pictures, the only critique is that they are too thing for a newborn, like she/ he already plucked them. Make them thicker and they will be perfect!


I agree. But I put them thick and then wipe them thin lol. I’m getting there! Lol


I’ve found that when it comes to brows, the lighter the better. Most young babies are very light or barely there brows. I study the brow bone and then contour the brows to that. I often have to wipe them off and redo. There was a really good tutorial by Silvia Esquerra a few years ago. If I can find it I will post it here.


Something else I did was study real babies in photos and real life.


Thank you. I just redid them and I may like them lighter.
I googled baby brows and the search was hysterical. Lol.