Which sculpt should I use?

I was approached while Baby Harry (Daniel now) was posted on ebay . This lady is very interested
in my doing a custom for her after the new year. I told her to send me what she was looking for.
This is her letter:

Hi Cindy! Thank you for answering my question on EBay. I am looking for a newborn preemie
with a soft weighted body, 3/4 arms, full legs with cute toes and fingers
, open
eyes and lots of dark mohair hair and nice full lips-girly type. I am looking
for a sweet, delicate girl. 17 or 18 inches is good too. I don’t know what the
different sculpts are or a particular artist. Too vague? It’s hard without a
picture. Oh and can she have a magnet bow and magnet binky? Let me know if this
is what you want as far as a wish list… Thank up so much - Carol

alrighty then, as far as BB goes Jewel is open eyed, great hands and feet, and small. Any other thoughts???

Since I charge a base fee plus sculpt cost I can always give her a choice if I come up with some that cost more. If anyone pops in your head let me know…THANKS TONS

Morgan or kendal perhaps? or were you looking for a new kit? I was looking for the delicate looking type, um the classic shyann or no? Hmm im not good at this really maybe just a few suggestions!.

thanks Kathy, I have a Morgan I’m thinking about and Kendal would be perfect but she is too big. The lady loved Harry but didn’t want a 20 baby. I really like both Morgan and Shyann’s faces but not their limbs. I may do a bit of mixing and matching. I appreciate your effort. I am not very good at this either.

Kadence is awake, only 16 inches and has very nice hands and feet.

What about Tayla she is out of stock right now but should be back in stock by time she is 16"

— Begin quote from “trapple575”

What about Tayla she is out of stock right now but should be back in stock by time she is 16"

— End quote

That what I think Tayla would be perfect, she is very detailed and the perfect size. My siggy is Tayla.