Which Kits for a Doll Show?


There are a couple small dolls shows coming up this summer that I would like to go to. Unfortunately Rose is out of the question, otherwise I would definitely go. Anyways, which kits do y’all think would sell well at a small doll or art show? I was thinking maybe Bountiful Baby kits would be best because I could sell the dolls cheaper. But then I was wondering what kits seem to sell well? I know from experience Levi and the Twins by Bonnie seem to sell really well, as well as Noa Legler. But which Bountiful Baby kits do the best? Also, how have y’all done sale wise at small shows? Is it worth going? Thanks for any input!


The prices on some of the BB kits right now make those kits worth it.


I would have a potpourri of kits for different buyers. Not everyone has the budget for a Bonnie Brown baby and the BB kits are more acsessible for parents buying for their children or new collectors.


That’s what I was thinking. Having different price ranges, maybe some cuddle babies for kids. Which BB kits do y’all think sell best?


My favorites are Elizabeth, Summer Rain, and Ashley. That’s so far anyway.


I’m sorta new on the reborn scene but I think most sleeping Realborn kits are hit. I have Logan, newborn June, Johanna, Zuri and Newborn Joseph alseep. They are seem to be popular though I have not tried to sell them yet. BB is having a sale on so maybe one or two of their older kits for budget babies. The sky’s the limit!


I did a doll show two years back- nothing sold, it was all antique dolls- I was the only table with reborns- EVERYONE oogled over them. It was fun talking dolls with everyone. A few people came bringing a reborn, but- definitely didn’t make anything on my dolls. It was a fun experience though- setting up a table and talking dolls with everyone:)


Newborn joe asleep. Skya.


At $60 or so for a table I think I’ll give it a try! It does sound fun to meet up with other doll folks, even if the babies don’t sell. I’m talking to the doll show hosts to see if others have sold reborns before. Thank you for your input!


I have Johanna, Zuri, Ashley, and Newborn Joseph Awake right now… Oh and both awake and asleep owen lol. I think I’ll go with some of these and then maybe one or two more expensive kits and then a couple budget or cuddle babies. Thank you all for your input!


Johanna is very popular lately.
Where are those dolls shows that you are planning to attend?


She sure is a cutie, I can see why she is popular! The shows are all over, some in Massachusettes, New Hampshire or Maine. I’m trying to stay near by as traveling far is hard for me. There is one show that reborns have sold well at before around here so I’m going to try that one first!


It was so much fun- and I felt so proud of my dolls. It was really rewarding to hear such positive feedback on my artwork- :slight_smile:


I went to my first doll show, sold 5 Reborns, Everyone liked Landon he sold fast. Also Holly and I had a few older kits


That’s wonderful! I have a Holly head I’m going to make into a cuddle baby. Do you mind me asking what price range you had and if they had rooted or painted hair? I’m trying to gauge what to do and how to price


I bet!! I had my dolls in a local shop for a little while. None sold but the feedback is so nice to hear. Your dolls are stunning so you should be proud!


I started reborning in January. The doll show was April 27. Didnot feel I should put a high price on them. Started out at $200 $300. Got $125 to $250 was pleased. Going to ask more at next show. Some people Do not understand how much work , time and money goes into making Reborns. I love making these babies and see them come to look like a real baby. Good luck to you.


@Sharon74 Sharon, first of all I would like to say ‘You are such a beautiful lady!’
Second of all - Congratulations on your sells! I didn’t know that you have so many babies made. Wishing you many more successful sales!


@Sharon74 Oh wow! I just read a comment that you started to reborn in January. Mee too! But I work full time, so I am on babies #11 and #12. Kudos to you that you feel confident and adventures to participate in the show. Lots of respect!


Impressive, I am on babies 32, 33, and 34 and still not that confident but pretty sure, lol! Good Luck to you all!