What the heck's goin on?

Ok, so I’m working on my Tabatha…still, lol and I ALMOST have her rooted. But now I’m down to where there’s just a tiny bald spot in the back of her head, cause I prefer to work from the crown in, and now have ALMOST got her finished. Here’s my problem. There are spots where the hair does NOT want to take!! Places where the vinyl seems like it would almost get chewed up if I tried to hard, so I get a few hairs in there and move on, but really, in those spots, she could use much more. So what’s the problem? Why is it doing that and how can I get it to stop?

I’ve experienced that and I’ve only done two heads so I thought it was me or I didn’t have the needle turned to the sweet spot. I also thought it might be brittle mohair that broke off (it didn’t break much). But then I would move a fraction of an inch and suddenly the vinyl would ‘take’ the mohair again. I don’t have an answer.

Someone complimented me on my sparse look and although I do like that look I really wanted more hair in the front and it just wouldn’t take.

It’s like I could make pie crust easily in the northwest and here in Tennessee it is not only hard to roll out it is hard to move to the pan. But I love it here and I just keep buying tools and making pies. Practice season is coming up - all those punkin’ and pecan pies to make.

there are spots in the vinyl where the vinyl itself is thicker, if your regular needle won’t work, try switching to larger needle or from a german to a one barb, or visa versa just in those spots. Good luck!!