What size shoes for LadyBug Cuddles Annie etc? please

Her foot measures 4 inches, but i am not sure what size. im sure this has been posted, but i cant find it. any help would be appreciated. thanks!

Perfect thank you so much

Annie is bigger and would need a larger shoe maybe a 4-5 ???

Annie uses the same limbs. I use size 3, too. Two would probably fit in length but they have fat feet, so three works well.

thanks girls

absolutely!! xoxox

Katie, did you get your ruby slippers yet?

yep just got em today and got size 4 by accident i shouldve double checked this thread instead i would have been all set. i should have got size 3, now they are too big. awesome. they look perfect otherwise. they are like an inch too big.

i am sooo dumb! how did i not come back and check this thread before ordering them???

That is kind of funny considering it was your original post!! Shoud I call you Forrest Gump?

Yes!!! I know right!!! I never cease to amaze myself!!!

can these fly? OR does it look stupid? or can i pass with these>? they were only like 7 bucks, but i cant pay another bit to buy more, really unless i HAVE to. you all know im broke lol

maybe its kinda based on how much it bugs me, huh?

I think they look fine. Remember the doll isn’t going to get blisters or anything! And they look perfectly acceptable.

The big kids apparently wear size 4 to 5 according to posts I’ve read. By big kids I mean Tibby and friends.


I have used size 4. They were big but didn’t look out of proportion. They don’t look overly big. Will she be wearing socks? I think Dorothy did. That will help. Can you exchange them at Walmart?

ibought em off ebay my wally world didnt have em. good plan- maybe ill crochet some socks in super thick yarn!!! then it will be on purpose!!!