What kit would you suggest?


Thinking of doing a memory doll of my son, Jordy! What kit would you suggest? Pics to follow!


The second picture reminds me of Realborn Joseph


I think I would do Macey or Zuri (Zuri is smaller and not out yet)




I was just looking at Macey too. the head shape is very close to the first photo


Awwww. Good suggestions ladies. And beautiful baby!


I also think Macey looks a good match.


Another vote for Macey.


I immediately saw Macy in first pic.


maybe the BB rose kit by Donna Rubert


I don’t see Macey, but I think it’s just because he’s my baby. Memory dolls are really hard to capture in my opinion. I do see Rose a bit! Thank you for the suggestions!


There are so many beautiful baby kits that I think would match well to your little Jordy, he’s a beautiful baby btw. Lets see if we can get Izzy to respond, she is a wiz at matching kits. @izzy, this lady needs a kit match and you’re the best!!


Thanks Lynn!

I think he looks a bit like Madison.


PERFECT! Thank you! :blush::blush::blush:


I think sleeping Brittany looks a bit like him. Cute baby.