What kit would you buy?


I want to use my coupon :slight_smile: I have quite a few preemies already, so I’m looking for 19/20 inch babies. What would you buy?


Reese is a good size and I have a soft spot for Alexa.


I had Reese in my cart. He’s sweet!


Skya :heart:


Alexa is cute, but I have Dominic. They’re very similar


Quinn is a good seller, I liked Reese, and I want Landon Sleeping. He looks like a little marshmallow man :slight_smile:


I was just picking from the ones on sale so they are even cheaper once you use your teaparty coupon


Oh, I didn’t know that! Cool!


I have Landon…not sure if I have awake or sleeping.
Quinn is beautiful!


I really enjoyed reborning Quinn!


Just an example: these ones are 40% off right now so $35.97 but with the coupon they are $26.98 each
(you can get 2 for less than the normal price of one)


That’s a good deal!

Code is only for vinyl kits, correct?




I think I’m gonna get Logan and Reese


Skya and Reese


ooops, already have Logan…lol


how about Owen asleep? I wasn’t crazy about him at first, but now I love him and I bought marissa when she first came out. I think Jackie’s version sold me. Those two are on sale.


i already have Owen sleeping. Hes adorable! Marissa is cute, too!

I finalized my order – Reese and Alexa

Thanks for all the suggestion!