What kit can you not wait for them to restock?

I am still working on my very first kit and its coming out nice so far, but I cannot WAIT for the Shyann kit to come in stock, I just think she is the most beautiful thing!
What about you what are you waiting for?

Well as a true addict-More Libbys -all the new babies -nod,puddin !!!


My list is Libby and Shyann!! I haven’t had the opportunity to do either one of these yet. I just hope I can get in on this round!

meg and shyann!!!

Like everyone else…Shyann…then Byron…he is so darn sweet to do!
Then: Kate, Bella, Raine, Kyra…she is SO versatile to do!..Gee whiz! I think I want them all but Libby! LOL…I had her…her limbs are amazing but her face looked like it hit a wall and flattened out…sorry, but jmo. I had huge chunkamonk babies but they never were THAT flat faced. But man her limbs are beautiful!

I don’t think I am fond of any of the newer babies so far. Probably just stuck in my old ways! LOL But these big ones coming are fascinating!


ALL OF THEM! it is becoming harder and harder to find any sculpts actually in stock anywhere

Shyann for sure. Then I think probably Sam and Sera. But then, who knows. It seems the more I look at some the more I want to do that particular kit. But, right now, I am thoroughly am enjoying the big quads. Love that size.