What is Your Preference?

Peach or Pink vinyl kits???


I usually prefer pink. Sometimes my babies turn a little grayish with peach but I’m sure it’s just me. I probably just need to use something to warm up the color.

I have problems with the peach vinyl looking too gray also. I use the B&B air dry paints and maybe that makes a difference.

Wow!I thought it was just me!! The peach turns gray for me too and I just can’t figure out how to stop it. I was ever so bumbed when the second doll I did turned gray. I was so happy with the first and it was pink. He never got quite as light as I would have liked but I have since discovered how to do, but the gray peach I just never figured out. Nice to know it’s not just me.

I love the peach, and if you do a couple really thin washes of raw sienna almost at the end of painting, it really bringing it all together and warms up the skin tones

Well that’s good to know. I’ll be ordering some of that.

I like the pink.

I like prefer the peach.


It usually depends on what age of baby I’m looking for. For a newborn mottled pink color I like the pink skin vinyl, but if it is for an older baby I go with the peach color. To warm up the peach vinyl a bit, I will add a [small] amount of yellow ochre/burnt umber to my flesh color. Peach skin tones are always good for a warm look, the pink looks better for using for a newborn look. If my pink looks to pink or red , I add a wash of the “Earth Mint,” to tone and blend the colors together as my last bake.

Well this is very informative. I haven’t actually done a BB kit yet and I have many kits in both colors and I’m learning from your posts. I’ve always loved being able to ‘research’ here and find these bits of information. Hopefully this time it won’t disappear. Now, when I do a search I’m going to post, even if all I do is ‘bump’.

I think I’ve got what you thought.

Too peach/gray - use raw sienna wash
Too pink - use earth mint wash.

Lyndie, this forum is the first one I joined when I started reborning. That was one of the main reasons I joined, was that you could find someone, who had an answer to most any questions that you posted. There were some great people here as well. That was around 2007 I’m thinking (wow how time flies), different people come and go, but one thing that has stayed constant, is everyone is willing to help out and give friendly advice. I sure hope it will become the forum I remember again, and everyone will return who loved it so much here.

Oh and yes! I think you have got it on the color washes.

Peach works great for me!

I use air dry paints, so I have the best luck with the pink vinyl. And I kind of like my newborns pinkish anyhow. I did buy a couple of the peach kits and will use those too.

I definitely prefer the peach kits.