What a cutie!

I haven’t done a preorder yet (Well, accidentally I did once…lol), but I couldn’t pass up on this new baby by Bonnie Brown twin B.


I WANT ONE! Unfortunately, I’m out of dolly dollars and she’ll be sold out by the time I have any. I wish all of her kits weren’t limited editions. She’s one of my favorite sculptors.

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I pre-ordered Grayson and just received the email for the shipping so I guess he’ll be here soon! I love the detail on him. This is Silvia’s version of him:


Grayson is cute. I want my Serinity and Addie. I have plenty to keep me busy…but I’m wanting them bad.

I like Grayson too, but I can’t have them all…lol.

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I ordered from Small World Wonders! Full price is $65.00!


Her twin is being released at ROSE in June and will be out for Pre-order in September. You may have money by then. It seems most of the recent LE kits have been on pre-order for a few days or weeks so you may still get lucky and buy one. They are only $65.00 with a tummy plate! Great bargain.

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ROSE in June? Or July??

I pre-ordered this kit. So precious!

Ooops - July - sorry.

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I will have Carmen make my body for me. I think that Anastasia needs the same type body as this kit. http://www.basketbabies.net

Ive been admiring all the pics and posts about this one. Only $65??? I thought it was $45 for the pre order and then another $65 when kit was available. Then i checked again when @pia posted above and i was reading it wrong. Well i am getting one for sure!

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