We're so excited to have Jacqueline Kramer with us this week!

We’re so excited to have Jacqueline Kramer here with us this week! I feel very privileged to watch her reborn Realborn® Clyde Asleep for us! She is a fantastic artist! and has a very sweet family!! :slight_smile:





Interesting ! Actually I’m curious how top artist workroom look like ? Any picture ?

I have those same glasses. Guess I’m doing something right. Would love to meet her myself and have a private lesson. :pray:

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Those are magnifying glasses??? I NEED those!!!

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I just bought a magnify glass from doll dreams I wish I could find a pair like that the ones I have hang around your neck or they have one that stands up also but those are perfect… But anyway she is a wonderful artist a friend of mine has a baby she reborned an it is amazing

Where did u get those glasses the ones I ordered from doll dreams definitly help now I can see the tip of the needles what difference in my rooting Asher is coming out so good

I found mine at Michaels in the needlepoint section. They also have the kind that goes around your neck and sits on your chest. I started out buying drugstore reading glasses in a 3.25 power and use those to make sure there’s no pooling in the creases. The others are great for doing eyebrows and other finer details. I’m sure any other craft or needlepoint store like JoAnns will have them.

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ugh I did not even think about looking for those while I was at Michael’s just a little bit ago. Double dang! I went in there to get the medium jug of mona lisa thinner (had a 40% off coupon that expires tomorrow). Of course they are out of the jug I want today. LOL! So I settled for the smaller jug this time.

Would be amazing to be able to watch her work.

I have a pair of these magnification glasses. Great for details and come with different strength lenses that can be changed out. Great price and free shipping. It takes a while for them to arrive since they are from China. http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Eyelash-Extension-LED-Light-Magnifying-Spec-Glasses-Hands-Free-Magnifier-365-/380924819967?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item58b0e379ff

Thanks Pia!!