I was working on painting 2 Simply Baby™ reborns today from a Grant kit and Megan kit. I got distracted and forgot to set my timer for the oven on Megan and now 43 mins later she is a melted mess! Ho hum! The only thing good I can say is she was a sale 2nds kit.

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Oh, so sad!!!

Hope you didn’t have too much time invested in her! I live in fear of that happening to me…again. I have two half painted kits with weird arms where I had tried to bake them on the wooden stand and forgot them. Now they have lumps right above their elbows. Maybe I should have bought them new arms but I hate trying to copy the layers.

Oh, how terrible. I would be crying too.

I know that feeling. It happened to my Gemma and Lexi head and I was crying all night lol.

Well I am over it. I hated to lose the time and the money but it happens. No use fretting any more. I did finish painting Grant.

@anjsmiles- I am so sorry that happened! 43 min. though you very well could of had a fire. Thank God nothing serious happened! It is heart breaking when you lose a sculpt!
Debbie G.


Yes, I am blessed! I have my little oven set up on the back porch so I do not breath any fumes from the vinyls. It has been very cold here so maybe that helped some. The pieces were melting into themselves but had not turned color or anything yet.

So very sorry to hear. Glad to know it was only the kits and not more serious which it could have been.