Website question

Okay I am trying to get a website started but can anyone tell me what the best way is to start one? If I do a free website will it allow me to have a buy it cart and have customers to buy through paypal or is that extra?

I would like to know too. I am also trying to get a website started.


I have been using FREEWEBS (which is now just WEBS) for about 3 years. I bought my domain NEWBEGINNINGSNURSERY.COM, but I think you can also use a WEBS name. I use TRAFFIC BLAZER to get my domain on Google, Yahoo, MSN, DOGPILE, ETC.

And - Yes you can open a WEBSTORE where people can purchase thru PayPal. You can set up everything thru PayPal (shipping, sales tax, etc.)

I think if you DON’T purchase the Enhanced package tho - you will not be able to list more than 5 items. Not positive about that.