Weather has been kind

so I managed some pics of ‘Cozy’. Hope I’m not boring you all. Had a very quiet day so took advantage of it.


She is beautiful! Very cute. X

Gorgeous! I’m pretty sure none of can bored with beautiful baby pics!! :heartpulse::heartpulse:

That is a very sweet baby and where did you get that headband? It is just adorable.

The pale skin tones and baby curls are perfect for Cozy. We NEVER get bored with pictures.


I will say… This is my FAVORITE cozy! I love her!!! :heart:


She is beautiful Lynette…you could never bore us…It is so nice to see your babies…Hope you have had a Merry Christmas and will enjoy Boxing Day tomorrow!!! :smile:

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Beautiful !!!

Oh thank you everyone…she has grown on me.
Helen the headband came from I think, ‘Best n Less’ store.
Aww thank you Nikki, so kind.
Starr, I’m back to work boxing day and I expect it will be very busy. But that’s good, better than being very quiet and having the time drag. :expressionless:

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She’s adorable! Beautiful skin tones.

Yes, she is adorable Thank you for posting. I love to look at babies.

She is so pretty.

Great job She is beautiful,I never get tired or bored looking at babies :smile:

She is a beauty! I love those blonde little curls!!!

Enjoyed seeing her photos…Cozy is adorable and you have done a really good job reborning her…!!

Beautiful baby​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

She’s a little beauty x