We made it!

***Arrived in Florida yesterday…staying at my brother’s, waiting for the moving van to arrive, hopefully on Thursday. I’ll be seeing Sophia next weekend; they have a beach vacation this week. Everyone knows it’s my turn to hold her. Miss you guys…I have to catch computer times as I can; we’re so busy doing stuff and talking…A LOT OF TALKING, LAUGHING, HUGGING going on. You’d think we were happy to see each other or something!



so happy you made it!!!

Yeah! Glad you had a safe trip Karen, and give that little sweetness Sophia hugs from her fan club here!

I am so happy for you. When Sophia comes in from working on her tan give her a little hug from me too. So sorry you have to face all those horrible cardboard boxes but you will be settled soon
and everything will be back to normal. Stop in when you can. We miss you!!!

Did you already buy a house??? Keep us filled in on the details… Wish I could be there to see your reaction to seeing Sophia in person, but on second thought, it would probably make me cry tears of joy…

Glad you have a safe trip and excited to see Sophia. Keep us up dated.


So happy for you

Glad you got there and hope you get settled soon…settled in a chair holding Sophie that is! Jealous that you got to move near your baby…I miss Catherine! Hope to see her next month if all goes well. Enjoy your new home. Post some photos!

Thanks, everyone! I miss being able to pop in here whenever I feel like it.

Our moving truck is in Nashville today, Georgia tomorrow, and HOPEFULLY arrives here on Friday unless
there’s a bad storm or something. Can’t wait to get those boxes unpacked!



hey i’m in kissimee florida…woohoo…another reborner in the area…lollol…at least in the state …sage

Oh I am so happy you made it there safe and sound!! Excited for you and your family and Sophie. Looking forward to pictures and updates on your new life in Florida!

OK, Karen in Florida…good for you! I’m envious you get to hold Sophia, but so glad you’re finally there and get to be with family!