Way of selling


Hey guys, is there a safe way to sell a doll other than paypal or do I have to make a paypal?


Walmart to Walmart.


Do I have protection in case of a scammer using walmart to walmart?


Well, you will already have the money before you send the doll. The buyer is not protected though. In my case I send dolls to family and friends so W to W would be fine for me.


Okay thanks


I do moneyorders too. The only problem is that the transaction takes longer. I wait for the moneyorder to arrive and then I send the doll.


I only use Paypal. It has a fee but I like the security of it.

I also sell on Reborns and Etsy, there is an added layer of protection.

A lot of people make good money on ebay but it terrifies me, too many horror stories, I would do buy it now anyway so I just stick with reborns and etsy, I have only had two experiences that gave me a headache and they were resolved in my favor, because Paypal took good care of me.


I prefer walmart to walmart or western union. With paypal the customers can do chargebacks on their bankcards. It’s safer for sellers.


Has anyone used Zelle? My bank is recommending them to me. Are they similar to PP?

Does anyone sell on eBay using another company other than PP?

I think with PP’s new policy, the up to 6 months for buyers to do a charge-back is even scarier. Sellers will have to keep the money they make off their dolls in the account for up to 6 months after the transaction or risk having PP take money out of your bank account if it is not in your PP account.


Postal money order is the safest one to use and can be cashed at any post office .


I use only Walmart to Walmart and postal money orders I avoid the fee that is charged through other methods and have the money before I ship .
The people who purchase have my information through these methods and I would be easy to find if they did not receive what they ordered with Walmart to Walmart I have to show ID before accepting the money.