Very new to reborning - what are good kits to start with


I am very new to reborning though I do own 8 that I have bought, is there any kits in particular that are good for beginners


Thanks for the advice I have purchased 2 from BB the Avery and the Coplin, I can’t wait till they arrive and I can start but I am also nervous at the same time , all you ladies do such beautiful babies I am so jealous


Julie welcome to reborning! Now you will never be the same! It’s addicting. And if you have any problems there are always some very nice ladies on here that are always willing to help!!

I have these kits for sale!


Welcome to the wonderful world of Reborning. I can guarantee you’ll soon be totally addicted!


Welcome to reborning. BB are great kits to start with. I would recommend doing on kit at at time for a newbie.

Congrats on buying your fist 2 kits. This is definately a addictive hobby.


Welcome to our world! You’ll soon be a “gonner” like us! Enjoy yourself that’s the best advice I can give, just enjoy the process.



Welcome to reborning! You’ll soon be addicted. I agree that the BB babies are great ones to start with. Have fun!