Veins on the forehead or not?


Do you do veins on the forehead or not?


I don’t do any veins on the head, just my preference. Some veins are okay but I hate seeing super dark ones on the face


I do slight veins on forehead and temple area, very slight though. Vein color can be too dark sometimes and hard to remove. I also do the top of hands and inner part of wrist, top and bottom of feet and ankles.


I vein my whole head, including forehead, but it’s faint.


I do, all over, but also faint


I vein on the head. More subtly in some places than others. My babies had noticable veining on their temples and going to their eyes.


I will add that I’m a bit heavy handed with veins, so I avoid the head. I sometimes will do a few depending on the baby.


I do the same as @DollyPardon and @Reefbubbles. Im rooting my 3 month Joseph with blonde hair and even though its thick I can see some of the veining on the top of his head where I make it darker…I think it looks cool and more realistic.


I do because my favorite little guy has visible veins all over his face. And I think he’s perfect :heart_eyes:


Both of them are cuties! Nice eye colors too!


Adorable lil boys!


I do light veins on the forehead and temple areas. My son is 10 and he still has visible temple veins. The temple veins are my favorite to paint.


@Katinafleming He is perfect! As well as you adopted and biological kids!


I do a vein on the forehead but I blend it a lot so it’s very subtle


Beautiful and perfect!


Yes but very faint.


Beautiful boys! I vein all over because we have veins all over lol


I vein on the forehead and temples as well. If its a bald baby I will do it over the whole head.


yup. All my kids had them so they seem natural to me. I think they should be super subtle so tone down the blue a lot.


There ain’t nothing subtle about my grandson’s veins. He looks like he drew on himself with a blue sharpie. Most of the time he has drawn all over himself. Maybe he’s just trying to disguise the veins God drew all over him. :rofl: