Usps! erg!

The USPS delivered my mohair from Angela Sprott to someone else. Who knows if that person will forward it. I’m so annoyed. Thanks for listening.

Wow, it used to be that opening a piece of mail that had someone else’s name on it was against the law, and now the USPS says they don’t know if they can get the package back which they delivered to the wrong person?? I hope you get it worked out and either get your money back or your package.

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It started to warm up here a few days ago. Most of the snow has melted. My husband just came in with a package found a package from Delta Dawn, when he was taking the garbage out. It was ‘delivered’ on the 9th. I’ll have to check the yard in the morning to see if my package from Angela is in the yard, too.

Wow! That’s crazy that the package was in your yard!!

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How could that happen?

I have found other people’s mail lying on the ground. One time, I found an outgoing piece that one of the college students, who lives near me sent out.It’s lucky for him that I found it. I could tell from the address on the envelope that it was going to the magistrate’s office. I gave it back to him.
Unfortunately, I didn’t find my package from Angela and it hasn’t come to me yet. I can only surmise that whomever it was delivered to still has it for some reason.

That’s so strange!

…or it’s in someone else’s backyard.

People do it, though!! When I was still in college in 1991, I had a neighbor, whose husband was in the military. Just a few month prior to the war, she moved back here. Her husband was sending checks home to her to deposit in their bank account. Suddenly, they stopped coming. This was during Desert Storm. The military was on lock down during that time. So, she had no way of getting a hold of him. Eventually, she found out that he had been sending his checks all along, but they were accidentally being sent to the previous tenant’s new address. Talk about a total mix up!! Rather than forwarding the mail to my neighbor, this person was cashing the checks and spending the money. In total, she stole over $2500. The thief was pregnant and unemployed at the time. The judge felt sorry for HER!! He only sentenced her to 5 years probation. She had to pay restitution, but it took her over seven years to pay it all back.

Wow! That’s so sad!

She should have gone to prison!

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