Update on daughter's pregnancy


My daughter had an u/s last Tuesday and baby Bradon is up to 7 lbs 6 oz. She has dialated 2 so he could come at any time. On the way home we stopped by the beach and snapped a few pictures.
The first is of all the gifts she received for her baby shower.
The second is of her and her boyfriend.

thanks for looking


Oh, that is so exciting. Congratulations Grandma! Hope to see pictures soon…


Oh, congratulations! I love the beach pix. Her tummy looks so beautiful! You’re going to have a chubby grandson. I’m looking forward to seeing his pix!


Thank you all so much. His name will be Bradon James. She is hoping he will come in the next week. She has been walking every day lol.



Congrats. I love her baby bump. Can’t wait to see his pics.

   Hugs Tina