Unfinished Projects Section?

Curious if anyone would be interested in starting a new section or thread re. unfinished projects that they would like to trade or sell?? I have been making dolls over 3 years now, and occasionally, I start something that maybe I changed my mind on finishing-new projects come up or whatever and maybe someone else would like to finish it. For example, I have a Linde Scherer Aaron doll- all painted, and I started rooting, and I would be willing to trade him- including the mohair to root. Let me know if that soulds like a good idea- or not hee hee (we can post photos of course)

Hi thanks!! Yes I really like her! And I like Native American baby!! Is it Liu San?

Sure! it sounds like a cool idea but I am so proud of me right now I do not have any put off babies right now. I just finished every last one for the craft show I did last Saturday.I have found some outfits I had cut out in the past and I guess lost. I have some outfits cut out now that wont fit Carlee any more.

That definitely sounds like fun.
I would love that.
I have some kit sometimes that I start and I just dont care for, and if they arent for a custom I will just put them in the bag and close it up.
Great idea, Kristi!
Maybe even swaps, or just for sale… fun!

Yes, swaps sound great to me too. Sometimes I buy a nice kit, and it sits and I lose interest - or sometimes I’m looking for something particular and its out of stock!

I just thought it would be another option besides selling on ebay- I’d rather work with the people on here.

That sounds like a great idea!!!

Should I email BB and see if they would be okay with it?

Just wondering if it just could go under the for trade section or if the for trade section could be expanded to cover other things related to reborning like unfinished outfits. Of course right now, I have to figure out how to organize my projects better! My projects have overtaken my bedroom and most of the time my bed Poor hubby has been sleeping in the spare room for a few months since I’m having so many problems with back pain and sinuses. My snoring keeps him up!!!

My husband is getting sinuses medicine before her goes to bed tonight. I got woke up 4 times last night by his snoring. I rouse him up and he went right back to the same thing I finally got him to roll over to a different position.