I really want to do a set of boy/girl twins with open eyes. Not sure whether to do two of the same sculpt or not. Every set sold has one twin awake and one asleep…every real twins’ parents’ nightmare! I wasn’t sure if Morgan and Shyann would work or if one of you happened to have both kits and could compare them for me. I thought about just doing two of the same sculpt like Gabriel (who does make a pretty girl I found out) or Moby. Any opinions?

Since you’re doing boy/girl, I think the same sculpt would work well. Looking forward to seeing them when you have them done.

Sweet Peas are fun and so are Juliet and Jarome

You could do two of the same sculpt. To make them look more “individual” you could set their eyes differently (one straight, one side glancing) or only give one a pacifer.

Paige and Joey Edenholm would make cute open eyed twins, and look very similar without looking the same.
BTW, I think Morgan is a lot smaller than Shyann…

Thanks for the advice! The problem with BB’s twins are the sleeping/awake issue. I’ll look at the others. By the time you add clothes, brush the hair differently and add hairbows, I know that all of my dolls look totally different. Poor Lucy and Moby and now even Gabriel have been cross dressing! I’ll have to show you them later.

Elliot and Grant
Violet and Savannah
Holly and Eliza
Dumplin and Punkin

what about grant and elliot fagan??? they would be PERFECT open eyed twins!!!

or how about Trey and Rain Fagan??? gotta love the fagan sculpts cause I think they look soooooooooooo real compared to other kits!!!

let us know who you pick!!

I like Raine’s head but not the feet or arms! Done him twice and kicked myself this time for not putting different limbs with that head. Still have to root him…if I can get off here. I’m thinking of doing Juliet as boy/girl twins after surfing and checking and surfing some more. Now I have to get some kits done for others, sell a couple, and do other life things like sleep and eat, then do I get to make my babies? I’m about halfway with the two Sams. Maybe I should take photos to share…

I found this twin set on another thread…
Tory and Trey

Saw a really cute photo of tory. … -tory.html Wow, what a difference hair and coloring make! She makes an adorable boy and she is on sale today too…resistance is futile, BB will suck you in!!! There haven’t been very many on ebay in the past. Anyone actually have her?