Twins opinion

Hello reborn friends,
I have the gorgeous kit Rosie, a preemie by LLE. I was thinking of getting one of the real born preemies to be a twin for Rosie. I know they don’t look alike, but fraternal twins don’t always look like siblings.

Is this frowned upon or is it okay to do?

Also, while I have your attention, I have an incomplete kit that I need a head for. I have the limbs and tummy plate . I had melted the original head and the sculptor doesn’t sell parts, so I had to buy a whole new kit to get the head. It’s a high end kit. Is it bad to use a head that is not by the sculptor who made the limbs and tummy plate? I want a high end head if possible with a lot of details because the limbs and tummy plate does.

I don’t want to offend an artist/sculptor. I’m pretty new to reborning so I’ve never tried to sell. I’d either keep the reborn with mixed parts or if I ever sold it, I’d be up front and let people know about the mixed parts.




Sweet lady, you can do whatever you like…that is the beauty of reborning…you bought the parts and if you can put something together using limbs from one and a head from another…that just shows you have your own style…lol :wink: lots of ladies mix match their dolls because sometimes the head is gorgeous and the limbs are horrid and visa versa so don’t ever worry about doing that…and the fact that if you sale the doll you mention it about the mixed parts…that is up to you…unless it is a limited edition doll or something like that where it would be important to a collector that all the parts were part of the original sculpt…I think most ladies buy what they see that they like… :smile:


Thank you so much for your sweet reply. I hadn’t thought about the LE thing. But I’ll have to check about that on the incomplete kit I have. If it’s a LE, I’ll be sure to keep that one.

Hugs, Paula

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I agree! I had bought a lot of kits from BB and did the mix and match thing. Do what feels right. :slight_smile:


Thank you Amy. I appreciate your input

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No problem to mix and match as long as you list the doll with disclosure.

Thank you ladies so much. I always appreciate help. Very kind of you.

I keep looking around for a head, but so far the good ones costs almost as much as a complete kit. Yikes. Then I saw a couple of others at a lower price but they were made with the old vinyl…Hard vinyl. If anyone has any ideas on where to find any, let me know please. Thanks

Have you tried contacting the sculptor to see if she has any idea where you might get one? I mix and match heads and limbs sometimes. I only switched the limbs on one LE kit because they were, IMO, really bad. I also have made adjustments to faces, opening eyes, for example, or dremeling off a lump of vinyl that bugs me. It’s called creative license.

Yes Jeanhai, when I melted the first head, I contacted the sculptor about buying another head, she said she doesn’t have parts, only the complete kit So I bought a whole new kit.

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