Twin A or B opinions?!


I like the one with the smaller mouth. They are adorable but I do not like the look of that big open mouth on one of them.


I quite like Twin A’s look, and how she can suck her thumb or a full pacifier.
Their size is the only thing holding me back.
They’re listed everywhere as 17", but their legs seem quite bent. Could anyone please measure what size they’d be if their legs were straight?


Not sure on the length, mine went to their new mama almost a year ago. But mine wore newborn sized clothes just fine, preemie was too small. I used a bb body for them though, the one for Clyde & Thomas.
Terrible pic but this is them in NB sized onesies

And B in a NB sleeper


I do like them as twins for eg…


Ah, so they’re bigger than I thought. Thanks!


Yeah, they’re little but not super little. I’d say like small newborn size.


i definitely prefer twin A thats just my preference
but the inside of her mouth was a NIGHTMARE to paint


Does twin A have any gums or a tongue? Or is it just a gaping hole lol?
I dont think I have ever seen any detail of twin a’s mouth


They both have gums and the shape of a tongue. It isn’t just a gaping hole!


This is the best close up I could find online but it will give you a better Idea anyways.


Thank you @AmandasBabies That pic does show it a little clearer. I think it just is always so dark/shadowed in pictures that I couldn’t tell what was going on in there lol