Twin A or B opinions?!


I have been fond of the kits since they were released and a huge hit. When I was seeing them EVERYWHERE, I held off because I was almost sick of seeing them every time I got online lol.
Now, my little voice that tells me to buy kits although I absolutely do not need any more is telling me to get one of the twins!

I am asking for opinions and/or pictures of yours, or ones you thought were amazing. I cannot decide which kit I want to buy, so I want to ask your personal preferences to which kit you like better and why.
Or- pros and cons about these kits. I know one I have seen several times was that they are TINY!! But any other things you loved or hated about the kit??
Thanks in advance for humoring my inquiry, and for not rolling your eyes at all of my posts lately! :wink:
Side note- if you have a twin kit for sale or trade, please do let me know! I have plenty to offer for trade or can buy outright


Well, B is cuter than A for sure. It’s that big gaping mouth I don’t like. I LOVED B when it first came out. Then, like you said, I got sick of seeing them. I do have both A and B, but only one body. I might sell. I don’t need trades. I’m trying to get rid of things.


I loved painting Twin B. I havent done Twin A yet (I dont like the mouth either). I do plan on buying both soon though for ROSE show babies next year

I dislike that I left eyelashes too long on mine… lol I was so proud when I made her though :wink:

They are small but I had small real babies and they are almost the exact size mine were


@micholc I do prefer twin b as well, youre right about a’s mouth. I have seen some well painted ones that werent as ghastly looking, but still am not sold on the idea of her. I am sure there are those that love her, and that have cute® versions of her. I hope someone sells me on the idea of her lol, I hate to dislike any kit especially Bonnie kits haha.
If you do decide to part with one or both of them, I would be more than happy to pay instead of trade! I think I saw recently that you were destashing your kits (I may be wrong?!)


@jlesser Girl, you rocked that kit!!
I’m sure they would be fast sellers at rose!


I painted twin A but i have yet to finish rooting the hair. I have a pacifier the fits perfectly in the mouth without having to alter it.


I reborned a “B” one when they were first released and recently reborned an “A”. She sold quickly and I received a message asking if I would be doing another “A”. Unfortunately, I only have a “B” in my stash that I am going to reborn soon. I guess it’s a personally preference with the collectors. Maybe the appealing part about “A” is that it can suck its thumb and take a full pacifier. The kits aren’t as small as you would think. Their legs are really froggy and that is how the measurement of 17" is obtained. They are smaller than Levi. I still used Carter’s NB clothing on mine.


@Ledbetterlittles I will sell them to you if you decide to get both. I am destashing. I have to be realistic. I won’t be able to paint most of the kits I have. I’m just too slow and am not focused enough to keep on track.


This is mine still waiting on hair

since that baby is small i really wanted that early just born look


@cajuncuties WOW!! I adore your version, less harsh looking than many I have seen painted. That also may be why I have held off so long on getting the kits.


@micholc I would definitely buy both if thats what it would take for you to sell them :wink: Let me know what price you would ask either here or you can message me privately.
Thanks for offering, even if we dont end up making a deal :wink:
All of you ladies are so fun to chat with and so helpful!!


@melcurll cutie pie! Is that red hair or brown? I like the color against your skin tone!


I like B better, facial features are better plus the mouth!! A looks good only with a pacifier :grin:


i love twin a for the ability of thumb suck and full premie paci .


Twin A is my dream sculpt!


I had both and have painted Twin A also. A is my favorite I love the fact she can suck a paci without it having to be modified. Their heads have so much realism I prefer them to be bald or painted fine hair. Twin B I never bonded with because I hate his left arm it sticks straight out.


It’s medium brown I believe from @sugargliderus


I have both Twin A and B. I would say it depends on the gender you want. If you want a girl I would say get Twin A as she looks more girly to me, or if you want a boy I think Twin B looks more masculine to me. Just my opinion though. Here are a pic of my twins


I agree that Twin B makes the better boy of the two but I made both of mine girls and I love them. They are both so cuddly and IMO they are perfect small newborn size.


@AmandasBabies I agree, I LOVE their heads! I wouldnt want to hide their details with hair, they really do look like they’re meant to be bald (at least to me). Plus, all but 1 of my 6 kids were born with full heads of hair so I absolutely adore seeing baldies lol