Tutorial for powders

does such a thing exist?

Here it is. You may not be able to see it until you join the site, though.


Yes Nikki, it does! @AmyR777 beat me too it, she posted while I was typing LOL Under the banner is the word Files… click on there and you will find the tuts. Sue-Ellen also recently did some videos on the placement of the powders. There is also a list of the colors you will need; these you can get from CoastalScents.com. I have the powders and REALLY want to try, but my summers are really a busy time of the year… trying very hard to get all my outside projects done. If you have any questions, our own @honojane may be able to answer as she is using them. Good Luck


There’s also one on Doll Fan. If you type tutorials for using powders for reborning in the search bar the first thing that comes up is pigment powder tutorial-Baby Banter: Reborn Dolls Forum. There’s a link to the tutorial. It’s very long because of the questions and comments along the way but it’s very explicit and easy to understand.

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Thanks guys!!! Xoxoxo I had a dream about using powders. Woke up and it’s on my mind:-) reborning is taking over my brain. @jeanhai I love Savannah so much!!! I bought the perfect hair to root her from Amy… But I’m to nervous. I think I’ll do a mykaila honey blond on her:-)

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Are you going to try the powders, Nikki?

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Honey blonde would look good on her, Nikki.

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That’s what I’ll get then!!! :heart:️:kiss::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley: