Traveling Pants Round 3


Thanks! :slight_smile: I didn’t know if they were all the way on top or in another thread. Sorry to bother you.


It’s no bother! :slight_smile:


You always do a great job I’m sure it will be great.


Can’t wait to see everything!


Good, thanks!


I checked the tracking number this morning. It said the box should be delivered today! I’m excited for you to get it. :smile:


I’m so glad that you posted this!! I am usually right on top of tracking info, but when I checked yesterday, it said Thursday, so I didn’t look today. Thank you for the update!! :slight_smile:


I just got notification that it was delivered. Yay!!!


You have me cracking up over here… I’ve met my match with package tracking!! :joy:


I get text updates every step of the way when I send packages. :laughing:


I just checked the front porch and it’s here!!! I didn’t get home from work till 930 tonight so this was a wonderful surprise! Did a quick glance thru everything but a more intense look tomorrow.


Can’t wait to see your new treasures!


I keep checking the forum to see if she has posted pictures yet. :smile:


Me to


Pictures??? :rofl:


Ok ladies I finally had enough sleep and rest after my long 13 days straight taking care of my two elderly ladies. I finally took pics of what I decided on in the wonderful box!!!



What is that beautiful pink piece😊?


Yes it’s a beautiful lace shawl!