Traveling Pants Round 3



@ashleyfox98 would you be able to PM me with where I approximately am on the list?


Just wanted to bring this list down.:slightly_smiling_face:

Here is a list of participants in no special order:



Sure thing, I’ll check the spreadsheet when I get home. :slight_smile:


I missed this round, hope I can get back in on the next one.


Thank you!


Waiting, waiting, waiting!


Still waiting!


You poor thing!!! Grab a drink, wait in the front yard! You can run to the truck and snatch it off before anyone else gets their mail!


I might just do that.


It’s not coming until tomorrow according to tracking.


I’m sorry it’s delayed. I can’t wait to see what you get tomorrow.


Dammit! That’s what it did to me too!!! It said Friday, then Saturday then… Monday!!! It’s only Wednesday so you will get it before Sunday!!! :grinning::grinning::grinning:


It told me when I printed the label that it would be Thursday. Then when I dropped it off and they scanned it… it was Wednesday. Then it switched back to Thursday once or was scanned again at the main fedex location. So technically it wasn’t delayed… but Wednesday would have been a lot better! LoL


Its here


YAY! Have fun digging!


Awesome have fun, don’t fall in😆


Yay!!! I’m excited for you!!!


I have gone through the box. There us too much stuff in it too choose from. I wanted everything like a fat kid in a candy store. My daughter said that I took out half of the box. I dont think that I took out enough. You definitely can get lost in there. Here is the picture of what I got out the box.


I’m so glad that you found so many fun treasures! :slight_smile: I get so excited when I see the stuff that I put in get picked!!