Traveling Pants Round 3


I’ve got the box… tee hee


Yay!!! Happy boxing!! :smiley:


Wooohoooo let the excitement begin!


You are a ridiculously good person. What a wonderful thing to do for someone. You are amazing girl!


It’s so rewarding though, I’m so blessed that these people trust me to carry their children! :slight_smile:


Is it hard on your psyche to give the baby away after carrying it? You don’t have to answer if that’s too personal.


It’s really not. I signed up to do this about 6 years ago, and had 4 failed transfers for my first couple. I was 5 years in when the first baby was actually born, so I had a long time to adjust to the idea. When the baby was born he was sweet and cute and wonderful, but he wasn’t mine. I felt the same way that I feel when close friends or family members have a baby the normal way. I love to hold them, but I have no desire to keep the baby away from it’s parents. In my case I get lots of pictures and updates, so it’s fun watching the little guy grow up too!


Thank you for helping bring babies into families who need a little help :slight_smile:


Wow, that’s great. It really is an amazing gift you are doing. I am in awe.


It’s my pleasure! I just wish that I was qualified to carry more after this one. This will be my 5th c-section, so after this my uterus is officially retired. :frowning:


How does this work financially? I’m sure C-sections are expensive. Does insurance cover the medical costs? Or do the parents have to pay everything out of pocket?


The parents pay for everything that the insurance doesn’t. My insurance covers surrogate pregnancies, but this is rare.

Edit: The actual pregnancy and delivery is covered by insurance, but the IVRU, meds to get pregnant, embryo transfer, etc. are paid for by the parents. The insurance doesn’t cover that part.


That’s awesome! Sounds like you have a great insurance plan!


God bless you for being a surrogate! I was actually going to do that for my sister BUT I found out I was diabetic, and since I lost my 3rd child at 33 weeks, we decided not to go through with it. My sister never got to have any children. :frowning:

Anyway… on to the box… I only picked out a few items. There is lots of stuff in there for sure!!!

Here is what I got:

Cass picked out the Juliet kit to create another zombie
I got preemie diapers, a pacifier, and a cute blanket.

Now I will have to decide what to put back in there :slight_smile:


Lady they don’t make people like you any more. How wonderful of you. I wish there were more people so giving and selfless. Good luck to you and the very lucky couple. And this young lady is blessed to have you helping her. Let us all know what the baby is and what she needs we will do a box baby shower.


You are so sweet. The baby is a boy and she is due in February! :slight_smile: I made a separate post about it, I will tag you.


Ok … so I chose a few more things. Working to get things back in. Here is a photo of what I decided to keep.


@NaneeBabies Are y’all getting your mail there ok? Any trouble from the hurricane?

I plan to drop the box off tomorrow morning and you should have it by Thursday. It is coming FedEx Home Delivery since the box is big and weighs 20 pounds. That was the cheapest way to ship for me.

I hope you enjoy sorting through this. The box may need to be replaced after this trip LOL


Everything is fine here. We just got alot of rain, a few trees were knocked down but nothing major.


The package has been dropped off. It says you should receive it by Wednesday end of day… but at first it said Thursday. I sent the tracking to Ashley so I guess she will update later :slight_smile: