Traveling Pants Round 3


Yay!! I can’t wait to see!! :slight_smile:


Ok here’s my selections. I’m terrible at picture taking. I hope you can see It clearly. I can unpackage to show what I got. I’m going to put my share in the box plus some extra and send it off tomorrow.


This crocheted mermaid tail with matching headband is going to be so cute for photos!


Really nice stuff!!


I am so glad you liked it, I was hoping someone would do a photo shoot with it! Enjoy


Oh nice lots of goodies!


@Reefbubbles did you follow a pattern for the tail? If so can you tell me where I can find one?


This is my all time favorite tail pattern , I will pm you


Cute who made it?


The mermaid tail was made by me


very cute! I just got a similar pattern one of those free pull off sheets you find at craft stores, but not made it yet :slight_smile:


Very nice!


Because I use 2 strands of medium 4 weight yarn tog. For this pattern it works up quite fast. I have made so many! Here it is in a fluffier yarn with large pearls sewn on


So the box is going to be moving on to a new home again, exciting :grin:


@GrammysReborns, it’s heading your way next! I hope that you have fun treasure hunting!


Yay @GrammysReborns !!!


I love this, so precious! Wonderful job :smile:


Would you be willing to sell them? So cute! I’d love to have one.


I have an Etsy shop that is closed right not that I sold them on. I do have a couple made ready to sell. I can pm you the info


I love that everyone is having so much fun with this!

A quick reminder for all that the turnaround time should be as quick as possible. Last round the box visited about 2 people per week. I know that life things come up and I’m here to help. If you are awaiting the box and know that you have something coming up and won’t be home or available to ship, please let me know and I can make adjustments to the route. I’m happy to accommodate. :slight_smile:

Also, don’t forget to post the tracking number here when you ship so we can all obsessively stalk the tracking info!

Thanks and happy boxing!