Timothy Stoete is ending with NO bids:-(

If you get a second and could check out Timothy I would really appreciate it! Maybe someone will see something that I missed that will explain why he has no bids!! Now I remember why I don’t sell on ebay much!!
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi … :MESELX:IT

I really like your Timothy- I am sure he will sell- it was bit slower after Xmas- but I think people are buying a bit more now because they are getting their tax returns. I just sold three doll in the last few days- but I had to relist their for a while. Kristi- Peachycheeks Nursery.

Angela -

He is gorgeous… I can’t imagine why he wouldn’t sell for you. I keep hearing how eBay is just not the place to sell anymore… buyers have issues and eBay/PayPal don’t do anything to help the sellers. It’s been years since the last time I sold anything on eBay and I am terrified on selling anything there given all that I keep hearing.

While looking at your auction, I noticed that you are in Mansfield… too cool! I am just north of Aledo, halfway between Fort Worth and Weatherford. I did not realize that there was another reborn artist so nearby. Maybe, we can meet some time; maybe even work on a reborn together. I am new to the art (since last September) but made porcelain dolls for many years prior to discovering reborns. I am in an “absorb as much as I can” mode right now.

Take care,

Carmen M.

Congrats on the bid!!!

Yay, I see he has a bid. He is soooo cute. I know in my experience, I usually don’t have any bids until right towards the end. I had been putting the auctions at 5 days and then dropped to 3 days. It just seemed to be a time of waiting. Hope you get some more bids.

He ended with 6 bids so that’s great news! Congratulations!