Throat Swells

Every time I use low odor paint thinner or mineral spirits my throat starts feeling like it’s swelling. I love painting dolls but not at this expense. Has anyone tried anything else that works to thin the heat set paints. I always wear a mask and sometimes I’m even using it outside but it does the same thing.
Any suggestions?


I know a lot of people who start having troubles with thinners start using air dry (acrylic paints). I didnt even bother with heat set paints when I started because I already have too many health problems.

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What brand do you use?

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I use the Gamsol…if I use Mona Lisa, it bothers my breathing

I use Golden fluid and some RebornFX paints from Macphersons. I think RebornFX would probably be an easier way to transition as they have some of the same colours as Genesis.
I dont really like the RebornFX mediums because they tend to be shiny but if you make the switch Id be happy to tell you what I use.

Do you have to thin the acrylics?

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Not with thinner. I use a small amount of Golden wetting agent mixed with distilled water in a bottle and I use that as my “thinner”…it is a surfactant and you can read about that and the other mediums on the Golden website. In other brands its also called a Flow Medium. I also mix a tiny amount of retarder and a bit of Golden satin glazing liquid into my paint mixes. For painting hair, eyebrows, and even veins I mix in a bit of air brush medium. The mediums not only serve to thin the paint without losing integrity but it also helps it to move around more and behave more like oil based pants.

Sorry for so many questions. So are you also using the Golden paints? Also, where do you buy yours from?
I felt so confident using the heat set paints and felt like I had mastered using them. Just hope I do well with the acrylics. Thank you so much for help. I really appreciate it.

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No problem…I mainly use Golden fluid, I like them the most. I started with Liquitex soft body but so glad I switched to Golden…its so much easier to work with.

I use mainly Heavy Body Liquitex, along with Soft Body and some Waterborne. I don’t use any extender or retarder only Liquitex UMG or Matte Gel mixed in with distilled water to a milky consistancy. I don’t prep my kit. I wash it with Dawn Soap in very hot water, immersed. Let it dry for a few days. I keep my hands free of oils as I don’t wear gloves but my hands rarely touch the kit. I seal with Soft Touch Varnish mixed with Corn Starch and Food Grade DE.

It seems like @RebornsbyZebra is an easier way to transition from GHSP’s. Good Luck with whatever you decide! I know the transition is hard.

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Are you using a proper mask? It should be a respirator (3M 5301) relatively new cartridges in them. If not, it might not be keeping the vapors out.

Would you be open to going to air dry? I use Waterborne art and magic air-dry. Made for reborns and you can get the try me set with 9 mediums and 3 colors with instructions for $19.99 from hunny buns reborn supply. I would suggest adding the ultra matte gel and satin gloss as they don’t come with the try me set.

You can also you alcohol (Isoproprol) as a thinner for genesis.

I have issues with it causing throat irritations as well which is why I now use air dry paints.

Mona Lisa thinner use to cause problems in me. I tried it years ago because it was the only brand I could find in the stores and didnt want to have to order thinner online anymore. When I used Mona lisa thinner for a few days I would wake up in the middle of the night gasping like I couldnt breathe. It was very scary for me. It stopped when I stopped using the thinner. I see I am not the only one who has had bad reactions using the Mona Lisa. :frowning: