The Real Realborn Clyde Today

There will not be any more scans of baby Clyde. His parents decided not to, because they did not feel like they had the time. -Jessica


What a beautiful little boy!! Bless his heart!!

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I just looked up Erin Tole & yes she is totally incredible!!! Her black & whites are also astonishing!!! I can definitely see why you would love her work :wink: You will get there too Jessica as your photos are already amazing & you are learning more & researching :slight_smile:

This Summer while only at my job, I knew that I had to get more knowledge on photography because I wanted my listing images interesting & beautiful. I wanted to combine natural images with creative images. I think I’m getting ever closer to what I seek in my next upcoming photo shoot since I had to use my husband’s new Canon…I LOVE his camera…thank goodness my battery charger broke LOL :slight_smile:

Lucy is adorable & yes must have been super difficult to part with. It was very generous of you to give her to Erin :slight_smile: hugs, Isabelle

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I hope you enjoy your new camera! Photo shoots are addicting! :wink: At least my kids love it when it’s picture time, they beg for it, which I am told is unusual. Even my baby knows just what to do when I’m holding a camera. You would never guess he was crying only a few minutes before this! As soon as I set him by my light, he stopped crying and smiled! I have him trained well, lol. I hope it stays that way! Sincerely, Jessica


That is so funny…I have a niece that is the same…the camera comes out and she strikes a pose…has done it ever since she was small because my daughter in law always has a camera in her hand…lol

This photo is amazing…Beautiful work! :smile:

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He is so adorable!

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Thanks everyone! Sincerely, Jessica

My gosh what a gorgeous baby !!! Gorgeous baby in a stunning photo…he’s a great little model :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Hey we should have had a Realborn kit of that little cutie :wink:

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