The Lee Middleton I bought from Mandi

Here she is all painted, weighted etc. She just needs a new wig. I am trying to find one I can afford. I was going to give her straight hair but I think she turned out more AA/biracial than I had anticipated so I think I might go with a curly wig. I had intended to keep her but I may end up selling her.

ohhh I love her, and yeah she needs curls

She is super cute! And I agree, curls would be great! I love her outfit too!

I’ve always loved that sculpt, she’s adorable

She’s very pretty, I can’t wait to see her all done.

    Hugs Tina

I love that sculpt and your baby is very beautiful.

she is a cutie, yep curly hair for that one

I agree Angie, curly all the way! Cute baby & cute outfit…I won’t ask if you made it cause I know you did! You are a multi-talented lady.
I will be looking forward to seeing her with hair.


Thanks ladies. I have decided I want to buy the Beri Giggles wig for her in the dark brown black. I think it will give her a good biracial look. However, it is an expensive wig so I have to work to save up the money. I listed some clothing in the sale section. Maybe I can sell them all and get her wig. And yes, I did make the outfit but not the shoes.