Thank you for PIF

Thank you to @otterbaby2 for the lovely PIF gift. I picked it up at the P.O. and couldn’t wait to open it. The whole package smelled “baby sweet” even unopened! And here it is! Thank you so much Diane. The bunny I will keep forever. I think everyone who knows our Nikki knows why! Hugs and hugs to Diane, from Helen.


Beautiful gift!

Agreed. The little outfit is so cute you could just hug it!

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Oh I love the baby Biscotti ! So precious.

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There are so many baby Biscotti items I would love to buy. That stuff is so adorable.

I love it all!! Very adorable! Biscotti has some super cute stuff.

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I love you Helen.:heart:

I love you too sweetheart. :pray:

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Dang Helen you made out what a haul very nice !

Very nice!

Beautiful gift!!! Lucky Lucky You,

Pay it forward

Wow!!! Everything is so nice. Congrats!!!

Helen, the gift are just lovely! I can not wait to see the outfit on one of your beautiful babies!

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I’d put it on one right now, but it’s a little bigger than the babies I have made up right now. I’ll have to make a Heather or something. :smile: