Test head jackpot!


I need a buddy! :sweat_smile:


I’ll happily be your buddy! I was up at 5 this morning looking for heads and before I went to sleep last night. I don’t understand how I missed them.


I went be bed at 1230 -looked right before I went to bed :confused: should have watched one more show on tv :joy:


Me too!!! That’s what I get for talking myself into going to sleep on time.


I stayed up all night (yay insomnia) and still missed them! I told @Katinafleming I was going to give her my PayPal info so she could snag me some too when she sees them :wink:


I missed them last night too. :confused:


So do we need to set up an all night watch party.:face_with_monocle::face_with_raised_eyebrow: Take it in shifts​:joy::joy::joy:


Lol. Good plan. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I was able to order some. I’m hoping for a 3mth Joseph so I can try to open the eyes.


ONE closed eye test head was available for a few seconds. lol (I did not intend to order it anyway, only if they had like 10 or so available)

btw they say it could be an animal kit too,…it would be tragic to order 10 test heads and to receive 10 piggy or monkey heads… :sob:


There are several Realborn heads available right now (1:22 am eastern)




Gone lol that fast :slight_smile: was it in test parts or seconds parts ?


Found them ( by the other post on heads ) I didn’t even know that was an option -I ve only ever looked on seconds parts lol -I did score one test head earlier this evening :slight_smile:


Here is how I find them. On the left pull down menu, click supplies. Next scroll to head only. This way shows you only what’s in stock.


Learn something new everyday lol :heart:️Thanks


@Phassell, SCORE!! Test heads arrived!! :heart_eyes:


Oh they look perfect don’t they. I love them all! :heart:


Oh wow! You did score! :heart_eyes:


I am so jealous. When I did catch a few test heads last year or so I got big ol Hailey’s noggin, Fei Yen, Molly and Joey.

No cool realborn heads! lol