Test head jackpot!


Maybe Loom knit one!


Just FYI ladies: heads on on sale right now again!! :heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:


I miss them every time!!! Let me know if anyone gets doubles they want to sell


That was insane!


Wonder why they post them in the middle of the night?! And even though they do, they still sell out in minutes. :flushed:


For those that did get Joseph’s head, they have his arms and legs in stock right now! You could complete him!


They sell international so maybe for those who have daylight while others sleep? :smile:


I was up at 3 am ET (my Yorkie’s get me up, gotta love them!) and decided to check and there were none …than I checked again at 6 am and still none. I must have just missed them!


It’s definitely worth keeping a close eye on the site today. It seems like when they do post test heads, they post another round within 24 hours. Maybe they will this time too. :thinking:


They were on there around 1. :wink:


Yep, about one o’clock. Good thing I forgot to do laundry and had to get back up. I would have missed out again!!


How many did you get? :grin:


Well I may or may not have been a teeny bit jealous of your haul the other day and threw 8 in my cart!! :grin:


Nice. :wink:
You kinda have to be greedy when you catch them in stock. It may be your only chance ever to snag some up. :grimacing:
Did they have awake and asleep heads this time?


They did have both, but I just threw some in there and then wished I would have got some of both after… And I know, I’m always checking… And always missing them!!


4 for you and 4 for me! :wink:


I was thinking… I would love to order them too next time I see them. But I am scared that they will end up squashed, like one kit in one of my orders. I have the feeling they use extra small boxes for overseas orders and this sucks. I know that there are methods to “fix them” but I hate that they do this. So maybe I will pass,… more for you guys. :smirk:


Well @hyelah1990 that where the all went, lol!


I did grab quite a few @Anne, but I’m spliting them with @Phassell :wink:


Yeah buddy! :wink: