Sweet peas

so i’m doing my 3rd sweet pea awake…one is a lovely older looking baby ,ones a zombie baby. the sweetpea i’m working on now is supposed to look like my 1st one…same buyer…hopeing to do a pair of twins useing sweetpea awake and asleep…would love to see everyones sweet peas…here’s my 1st one …sage http://s1009.photobucket.com/user/sagebrushnursery/media/sweetpea%20awake/004_zps34d1f061.jpg.html

Here is mine… I have the “Asleep” just haven’t gotten around to him/her yet…

Beautiful babies girls! I have have my Asleep getting ready for hair. Ill share once he/shes complete!
Mine looks like my middle son so much. I want to make it a boy even though I know girls sell better. I might keep this one.

He is really adorable. I love his skin tone.

Both very sweet babies, Sage and Pia. I have an open eyed one here, too (somewhere). Gotta go find him/her. Almost finished with Ben (as a girl). Love that one, too.